What if planet Earth could talk to us

Imagine if the world would be like a real person. One that would speak to the people in a wise way. How would that be?

Steve Sack made a cartoon about this.

What if planet earth could talk to us

The earth in conversation with the moon

While the focus of this website is mainly on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the cartoon summarizes all kinds of garbage. In the cartoon the garbage and pollution could be visual added everywhere; to the air, the water, the land, and even at the moon! Garbage that nobody wants, that we do not want to take care of, and the results is pollution. From my perspective the cartoon clearly wants to tell us a lot. It tells us that we have very little respect for the earth as well for each other (picture two). That we destroy our surrounding area and everywhere we go. Ironically this not only a shared area for all species, but also for future generations and our self. I am happy that cartoonslike this are showing humor in telling such tragic message. I often get a bit ironic about things in general after reading this. For example…

  • Aren’t there governments in place to manage what belongs to all of us?
  • Aren’t there laws, judges and law enforcing organisations to prevent people doing bad things?
  • Aren’t religions telling us that we have to threat others that same way we like to be treated?
  • Aren’t parents teaching their children that you have to clean up your own mess or to make no mess?

When the urge is so high, why people show no stewardship?

Lucky, a lot of good initiatives have worked out positively in the past. We can learn from those and apply the same strategies to the problems of today. Hopefully by effort from every individual we can mainly decrease the bad things and make as much as possible good things happen to the planet Earth.

What do you think if you see this cartoon? Please share your thoughts below.

6 thoughts on “What if planet Earth could talk to us

  1. We all should be ashamed of this. World wide. What a crying shame. 9ft deep twice the size of Texas. What a wonderful world were ruining. Guess out of sight out of mind. It all didn’t grow overnight and it won’t go away by its self.

  2. It would be a good idea to create a split screen on TV showing the dead MARS and us in our world
    The caption of Mars could comment ( come join me it won’t be long )
    On the earth picture could be flashes of rabid mining and our garbage disposal in the ground and seas

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