I noticed quite some visitors at this website are writing a paper about topics like the garbage patch or plastic pollution in general. Over time this page will contain some finished papers from some great people that were willing to share their hard work with others. You can, for example, use their conclusions and findings, and reference to these papers/authors.

If you like to share your paper at this page, please send me a message from the contact page. Please do not hesitate if you are still working on it, I can send you a short reminder in a few weeks of months, if you like.

Pollution: It is not being disposed of properly!
By Michael De Metz (student at Ivy Tech Community College)
7 pages
Note: this paper is about plastic pollution and nuclear waste.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m currently writing a paper that I would like to publish to your page! I hope you can give it a read!

    F. Al-Abdulhadi

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