Garabe Patch Videos

The following videos give an introduction to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I noticed that the best videos are not the ones you find right away. To help you saving time and making sure that you find the right information when you have limited time, I did this effort to put the best videos about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch together. Please be aware that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one out of many places in our oceans and rivers that suffers from extreme plastic pollution.

Garbage Patch Videos

1. Video title: Charles Moore: Sailing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Of course the first video is the best video out there. If you have hardly have time and you want to know in a few minutes what this is all about; please watch the first video. Charles Moore is known for being the first who found the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Recently he has success in increasing awareness about this topic. During this conference he is asked to give a short introduction to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the work he is doing.

Take aways:

  1. Historical summary: Throw away living was a modern lifestyle in 1955
  2. Why plastic recycling is difficult: because it has a low melting point
  3. Shows how garbage is moving through the Great Pacific Gyre of time, ending in the center of the gyre
  4. Impact on animals; they die or live malformed
  5. Water samples with the tiny pieces of plastic, also the content of a Garbage Patch which can be compared with a plastic soup
  6. One fish had 84 tiny plastic pieces in its body
  7. Market demand and supply cannot fix the issue like the Garbage Patches

2. Video title: Plastic in the Pacific – KQED QUEST

Educational video from KQED QUEST. The video starts with introduction to plastics from historical and current day perspective. From their scientist explain you all about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. You will also see scientist in action.

Take aways:

  1. 100 pounds of plastic where made for each person on the world (almost 7 billion people)
  2. Charles Moore in action; see what he and his crew are discovering in the sea
  3. Tiny pieces of plastic are everywhere in the ocean. No matter where you measure
  4. Birds and sea turtles mistake plastic for food. Eventual they die because they cannot digest plastic
  5. Plastic release chemicals in marine life
  6. Biodegradable plastic is available
  7. One thing we can do to improve is to increase awareness; just talk about with others
  8. The more people know about it, the more chance on change
  9. The biggest threat is ignorance

3. Video title: TEDxGreatPacificGarbagePatch – Chris Jordan – We Must Be The Change

When you have seen lots of websites about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, you will notice they use frequently pictures of dead birds with plastic garbage inside their body. These pictures were made by the artist Chris Jordan. The below video is very inspiring and goes to the deep core problem of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Take aways

  1. Dia show of dead baby Albatros birds because these had eaten plastic
  2. Marine life is treated by oil disasters as well plastic pollution
  3. An interesting link is made between organisations, money, plastic, culture and our spirits. The origin of the plastic garbage patch is in our mind!

4. Video title: Our Today Is Forever

The following video is more artistic and gives a good visual impression for it’s short length. It does not include narrative and includes music from Queen in the background. In my experience this video gives a quite impressive display of what is going on and putting it in a bigger perspective.

More videos can be expected in the future. I am looking for footage from different garbage patches out there.

Please feel free to post your thoughts, emotions, ideas, questions or suggestions after seeing these Great Pacific Garbage Patch videos.

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  1. I like very much what you are doing with this site. Please have someone look over your spelling and grammar. We all get very close to our own work, and sometimes can’t see the mistakes. Take care, I will be sharing your site with my students next fall.

    • Thank you! Happy to hear and thank you for this useful feedback. It is also a great motivation (inspiration) to update all the writing. I will be looking forward to see you back.

  2. I like what they are doing with this website attempting to get people to feel as if it is all their fault and attempting to get all the help they can get to fix this problem

  3. this is addressed to Chris Jordan. I wonder if you listen to your videos with an open mind, or a clear view. I found your video, that contained the BP logo, to be somewhat egotistical and full of cliches. telling young people to fight inside to save their soul. I hope that most people will see through your rhetoric. why would their soul need saving? are you condemning them to hell if they do not start a soul war inside of themselves? what weapons do you suggest? if people have hope with your type of education I truly see no hope for this here human race. Have you saved your soul?

  4. Thanks for taking the time to publish this info. Do you know how I can get free video footage of the plastic patch for a non-profit video project? Thank You.

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