Garbage Patches: why not?

When I learned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch I was surprised and at the same time impressed with the following three observations:

  1. Most information online is only about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. On it self this is impressive however this only one ocean garbage patch are there are many.
  2. How many people never heard about this. Please check with your friends and family and post here what your findings are.
  3. People hardly pay attention to solutions. Sure it is good if you recycle and use here and there a plastic bag less.

    The root cause of the problem is plastic. Garbage Patches like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch can be solved be just stopping making wast that last forever. Long lasting is a great attribute of plastic but massively switching to biodegradable plastic is realy cooler. It simply would save us from a lot of disadvantages we currently have from plastic in our oceans. Actually, it would stop plastic pollution everywhere. How good is that?

This website answers questions like:

  • What is a Garbage Patch?
  • What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?
  • How many garbage patches are there?
  • How does a garbage patch look like?
  • What are the main facts of garbage patches?
  • Where can you find pictures of garbage patches?
  • What are the best videos about garbage patches?

A personal note about the Garbage Patches in our Oceans

Unfortunately it is very sad such thing as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch exist. Especially for the follow two facts. Scientist start publishing about this subject 40 years back in time. Furthermore, we the current state of technology this could be prevent without any additional cost. The good news is that many environmental issues have been reversed. A good example is acid rain because acid rain levels have dropped 65% since 1976 in the U.S. and 70% in the European Union, taking a quarter of the estimated cost. Now plastic is certainly not an easy one because it is widely used, but it certainly can be done.

Awareness plays a huge role in this. My personal opinion is that we should keep our quality of live and therefore not prohibit lots of products we like. This is not a realistic solution if you try to imagine where plastic is applied in your daily live. We should also not make tremendous effort to fool around with the plastic we consume. Ok, recycling is a good habit, that is for sure and I would only like to encourage that. My point of view is: If people want to consume the products with the properties of plastic; that is okay. These properties add value to their lives. Current technology allows us to replace a lot of plastic products with replacements you would not notice that it isn’t plastic. These replacements are sustainable and bio degradable. Therefore they can be recycled and otherwise they would not give too much negative consequences because they quickly disappear in a natural way. I am sure we will eventually be here, the only question is when. The longer we wait the more damage is made. Therefore awareness is crucial and the only way to make a shift in technology.

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I am working on adding more content soon. Please come back if you want to know more about Garbage Patches or in Garbage Islands in our oceans.

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