Do the math movie – about climate change

This website was not made for topics besides the the garbage patches in the ocean. However, I did not want to keep this documentary away from you. Esspecially because this documentary explains the global warming topic very clearly from problem till solution in less than 45 minutes. Furthermore, you will not find it easily on Youtube because it is not listed for some reason. Therefore I share it here with you. For your reference I summarized some key parts of the movie, if you like you can scroll ahead and start watching directly.

The problem:

  • CO2 emission causes increased temperatures world wide, causing climate change, which is affecting all life in a negative way
  • The problem continues as long it is profitable for fossil energy companies to sell CO2 producing technology
  • These fossil fuel companies spend every day millions on lobbying in favour of their interest but at the cost of other peoples money and lives
  • If nothing will be done lots of negative consequences will be heritages be current and new generations. For example, more extreme weather, lower food production and loss of types of living creatures

The math:

  • More than 350 CO2 parts per million is according scientist not good for life on the planet
  • Today scientist measure 395 CO2 parts per million. Update: This number is mentioned in the documentary but unfortunally the 400 mark just passed! Source:
  • This number is currently growing with 2 parts per year
  • All countries in the world believe that 2 degrees of increasing temperatures should be prevented
  • Scientist agree that this would be another 565 gigatons of CO2 emission
  • From now this would be ONLY 15 YEARS!!!
  • Financial analyst calculated that there is still 2795 giga tons documented reserves of fossil energy
  • This is five times more than the most conservative countries would like to allow to use

The solution:

  • Free polluting should be ended. Society has real cost from their business which is now paid by the average tax payer. These costs should be paid by these fossil energy companies. In that way alternative sustainable energy sources that do not have negative effect on future generations become competitive.
  • Stop investing money in companies that are related to fossil energy
  • Let your voice heard so organisations, companies and political leaders know that people care
  • EYE-OPENER: The last one is more impressive than you might think. In the documentary you see president Obama in favour of an oil pipeline. Guess what happened in the mean time:
  • And that leads to major consequenses:

Enjoy watching and please leave some comments below about how you think about this topic.

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Additional food for thought

Personally i think that lobbyist are the greatest threat against the democratic system, civilization and humanity. If political leaders would like to make a difference they should completely end this type of business. What do you think we should do to stop climate change?