Do not buy products with micro plastics

There are quite some cosmetic products available which contain sand or glitters. These little particles are often made of plastics because of lower cost reasons.

A large number of people does not realize the following.The plastic particles contain toxic elements of plastic and are that tiny, that they go almost pretty much direct through the drain into your local eco system. Because these plastic particles are very small, they are also very hard to filter from the sewage water by traditional water cleaning methods.

As with many products people are not clearly told how the product is made and what they exactly buy. Unfortunately most governments do not have regulation in place to alert people about these bad materials inside their cosmetic products.

Lucky some people started with some research. You can find the results per country at the following page:

Currently there are three list of all kind cosmetic products. The red list contains products that you absolutely should not buy: those products contain micro plastics! The orange list are companies that have promised to remove the micro plastics from there products. So, look out for there new products and packages that advertise no micro plastics inside. Finally, the green list are the products of good quality; these companies always gave you what you the right stuff; these products do not contain micro plastics.

Last but not least; there is an app available that allows you to scan bar codes of products. The app will tell you if the product contains micro plastics or not.

For a while this app was only available in the Dutch Apple App store. I guess this is fixed by now.

What do you think of packaging which are not clearly telling you clearly about their real content? Did you ever bought products with micro plastics?

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